With Summer drawing to a close and our iPhones full of memories, we have a nagging desire to get a photobook together.

Since we know this part can be overwhelming for many and often the reason some of us never get around to it, we’ve come up with an easy workflow to print your photos and take the headache out.

Enter iPhone’s ‘Favorites’ feature, our new go-to tool.

1.  Tap your camera roll > thumb through your Summer photos and hit the heart icon  ♥  at the bottom to add them to your favorites.

print-your-photos-impressed-app print-your-photos-impressed-app

2. In your albums > find the ‘Favorites’ album.  Now that they’re all in one place, hit the select button in the top right corner of your screen, select the photos you’ve just added and group them in a new album.  We like to title our album the same as our future photobook.


3.  Once your favorite photos are in their own album, open Impressed App, select your desired photobook size.  In photo sources > choose iPhone > find your album (ours was Summer 2015) and start creating!


Summer memories translated to print made easy.  Do you have any time-saving tips when building photobooks?  Feel free to share in a comment below.