Meet Alexa: she has a thing for Fall, slow mornings and florals. Read on as she gives us her tips for photographing florals, her favorite NYC spots from a recent inspiration trip, and catch a glimpse of the most beautiful Fall scenes, as captured by none other than the talent herself.


Vancouver, BC

Coming up, you’re organizing a florals + photo workshop.  What are some of your top tips for photographing florals?

Yes!  I’m so excited to be bringing this vision to life through a workshop.  Basically, it started by lazily not throwing out old flowers and watching them dry and become more and more beautiful.  I’ve always loved nature elements (fern leaves, shells, rocks… organizing, making patterns, and photographing), so I started doing this with dried bouquets.  I’d take the flowers and petals and leaves apart and make patterns on my table and photograph them.  Tips: find some natural light and a great surface that compliments the florals you’re photographing, throw in some details (plates, pencils, stationary, whatever you’re drawn to) and start playing!  Basically, have fun.

Tips on photographing florals | Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello

I see you’ve just returned from an ‘inspiration trip’ to NYC.  What are some NYC faves?

Root & Bone for brunch in the Lower East Side

Devocion coffee shop in Williamsburg (they have a full live botanical wall!!!)

Sprout (the most beautiful garden & plant store)

Mociun in Williamsburg for the best ceramic inspiration


The Comedy Cellar for some laughs

Sprout Gardens, NYC | NYC travel - Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello

Describe your ideal Sunday…

Slow slow slowwwww.  Sleep in, make coffee with my french press and drink it in bed while watching some Netflix or reading.  Biking around.  Grocery shopping or farmer’s market.  Make a big dinner.

Fall photography inspiration | Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello

Fall is here, how will you be making the most of it?

I LOVE FALL.  These are my colors… earthy, dry, layers.  Autumn really inspires me – I want to get outside and photograph the changing seasons and earthy colors and it also makes me reflect and get in touch with myself.  This season, that’s meant doing a small rebrand to refresh and refine my business direction.  Essentially, how can I attract MORE of my dream clients?

Fall photography inspiration | Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello

Next DIY project on your list?

A Fall creative photoshoot with some new friends!  Imagine outdoor Fall picnic, wooden crates, succulent cupcakes, dried rustic florals, fallen leaves.

Fall picnic | Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello
Fall picnic | Impressed blog, Alexa Mazzarello

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All photos by @alexamazzarello