Recently, the pretty Melbourne home of one of our favorite customers Courtney (from @courtneyandthebabes) was featured on A Cup of Jo.  It included the most beautiful shelfie you ever did see, a sweet kids art gallery wall and a perfect idea for displaying prints of your littles, using Impressed prints formatted in the way of Polaroids.  Since we received requests for a how-to, we thought we’d put one together so you too can turn your digital photos into Polaroid-style prints.
Courtney and the Babes display of baby photos

How to turn your photos into retro Polaroid-style prints

Step one

Get the Whitagram app (free, for iPhone / for Android)

Step two

Make a selection of 24-30 photos (depending on the size of prints you’d like to order).
Tip: If using iPhone, an easy way to locate them in Whitagram later is to add your selection to a new folder.

Step three 

Log-in to Whitagram, select ‘Library’, and make your first photo selection.  The app will automatically place white bars at the top + bottom if your photo is landscape, or white bars on either side if your photo is portrait.  Hit ‘Save’ and save to your Camera Roll.
Repeat this step with each photo until you’ve passed them all through Whitagram and saved to your Camera Roll.
How to use Whitagram for Polaroid-style prints

Step four 

Open Impressed App (get it here if you don’t already have it downloaded to your phone).  Select a set of prints in the size of your choice.  Choose the ‘Borders’ option when prompted.
Finish by adding your photos with newly added white borders from your Camera Roll.
Tip: When photos are passed through Whitagram, the app automatically creates a folder titled ‘Whitagram’, making it easy for you to pull from.
How to use Impressed App for Polaroid-style prints

And voilà, retro Polaroid-style prints for your walls!

Courtney and the Babes baby photo display in her workspace using Impressed prints
Courtney and the Babes Polaroid-style print display in her home
How to make Polaroid-style prints via Courtney and the Babes + Impressed App
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How to make Polaroid style prints
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