We had to ask: how does this mother of two manage to keep her living room space simple, decluttered and so beautifully minimal. Below, Maartje lays out her system for all the stuff.


(1) Keep your walls + interiors neutral, natural and light

This gives the illusion of a bigger, brighter home and leaves room for pops of color elsewhere.  

“Two years ago we moved into our new home. I didn’t have to think for even one second to know that I wanted white stucco walls and a light-colored interior with natural materials like wood.  The boys’ toys are already overly colorful, so I prefer the rest of the house to be a bit more natural colored.”

keeping your space minimal

keeping space minimal 3

(2) Focus on the pieces you love, and leave the rest

Make this your mantra: if you don’t love it or use it, ditch it.

“You won’t see a lot of furniture or accessories as I feel as if it makes the house looks like a mess when there are also toys all around the room.”

This applies to toys too- identify what the kids actually play with, what they love and get rid of the rest. 


(3) Clever toy storage

Clever storage solutions and double-duty pieces are a life-saver for organizing toys.  When choosing your storage solution, consider something that will make it easy for the kids to access so they can help in the tidying process as well (like a bin!)

“We have stored as much of the toys as possible behind the couch in the toy boxes by IKEA.”

keeping space minimal 2

(4) Clean for 10 minutes per day

Set aside 10 minutes in your nightly routine to tidy up – it all adds up to a cleaner and more minimal space, and you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

“When the boys go to bed, we tidy up the toys in these boxes and afterwards we can finally get some rest after a hectic day in our light colored living room.”


keeping space minimal 4

All photos and tips by this month’s feature customer Maartje.  Read about her life well-lived here.

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4 tips for keeping your living space minimal (even with kids) | Impressed App

4 tips for practicing minimalism with kids
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4 tips for practicing minimalism with kids
This mama gives us her 4 easy tips for keeping her space minimal and simple even amidst the chaos of having two young boys.
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