Since our taste in photo wall décor is ever-evolving, we’re always trying to come up with solutions for alluring wall displays.  And since we’re not well versed in power tools, these solutions need to be easy, transitory and wall-safe.    There’s an ebb and flow to the trends that strike our fancy, but the desire for self-expression seems everlasting.

Make your walls happy with these 3 simple ways to hang your (of the moment) photo prints.

Photo prints wall solution: invisible glue dots


Found at any office supply store, invisible glue dots are easy on your walls and your wallet. Use them to affix a simple arrangement of 9 Deco Prints to make a breezy wall statement.  We tried to gather similarly toned prints to create the effect of a harmonized grouping.

Items needed:

  • 1 package of invisible glue dots
  • 9 tonal photo prints
  • a level, to ensure your arrangement is straight

Photo prints wall solution: washi tape


Decorate with inexpensive and wall-safe washi tape.  

Bonus: the DIY possibilities are endless!  We’ve been pinning away some other great ideas for those colorful rolls of washi.  Find them all here.

Items needed:

  • washi tape in the colors and prints that float your boat
  • as many photo prints as you’d like to arrange

Photo prints wall solution: magnets


While we were out at the local hardware store picking up items for a shoot, we made an accidental but brilliant discovery.  Flat head nails paired with small powerful magnets are the perfect solution to hang your photo prints. We love that this idea is interchangeable and polished… In fact, this may be our favorite wall arrangement solution yet!

Items needed:

  • flat head nails
  • small magnets
  • hammer (OK, this one requires a hammer, but if we can do it, you can too!)
  • set of photo prints to feature

In hopes we’ve inspired you to get home and making good use of those stacks of photos (and that extra washi tape!).  What are some of your wall-friendly, inexpensive solutions for easy hanging?

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