With Spring Break behind us, and your camera roll likely brimming with wonderful memories of a week well spent, it’s about that time to get them into a photo book so you and your littles can re-live those happy moments.  Doing it while they’re still fresh in your memory makes the task even easier.

Back in the Fall, our friend and photographer Emily D put together a fail-proof workshop for getting your memories into a photo book in 20 minutes. Since we know this can be a struggle for snap-happy parents, we pulled together her tips for telling your Spring Break story with this 20 minute photo book making workflow.

Before you start

To maximize your time, start by putting all of the photos you’d like to use in one place—make sure to cull your selection down to your favorites of the bunch.  We like to use Dropbox to amalgamate photos from different devices or the favorites folder on our phone (see an easy editing workflow here).  That way, your photos are already together when you sit down to make your project.

Pick one theme or event (ie. Spring Break 2017).

Making your 20 minute photo book

Using the tips below, set your timer to 20 minutes and stick to it!

  • Photo books are meant to showcase memories in a way your family can easily access them so they can spark stories and happy moments.  When making your photo book, remember who you’re making it for and your goal.  Done is better than perfect.
  • Stick to Impressed’s carefully selected layouts – they were crafted by expert designers with just the right amount of white space for a beautiful photo book every time.
  • Don’t get caught up in the chronology of your trip and focus instead on pairing similar color themes and tones together.
  • Think of each spread as a unit. Mix wide shots with close-ups to create a balance and context on your spread. A single subject image combined with a busier image will help eliminate chaos and create a focal point.
  • Avoid using captions – this will help you save time and avoid typos.
  • If you don’t have enough photos to fill a book, utilize blank pages at the end for notes and mementos.
  • Camera happy mosaics of the same events, but slightly different shots make for great spreads. Example: various stages of the littles running off the dock and into the water.
  • Include photos of things your children really enjoyed on a trip (ie. a crab on the beach, a favorite toy they brought everywhere, or the crazy waterslide that kept them busy all week)– these are the things that help trigger memories.


Get excited to receive your package.  When it arrives, encourage the kids to flip through so you can re-live your recent family adventure over and over again.  Emily talked about keeping a collection of photo books in a giant basket within the kids’ reach for easy flipping.  We absolutely love this idea.

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More on Emily D Photography.

Header photo by Emily Doukogiannis


The 20 Minute Photo Book | fail-proof guide for getting your family's memories into a photo book in 20 minutes.

How to make a photo book in 20 minutes
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How to make a photo book in 20 minutes
Use these fail-proof tips for putting your favorite family photos into a photo book in 20 minutes. Your loved ones and littles will love re-living them.
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