DIY Gift Guide: Family Recipe Book

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Gather your family’s favorite recipes and make them into an heirloom recipe book, complete with vintage family photos.  The best gifts are made with love, and this one is sure to be a favorite around the tree this holiday season.


1. Select 16 family photos to pair up with each recipe.

Don’t have digital copies?  See our blog post on scanning and digitizing old photos.

2. Choose 16 recipes you’d like to pass down.

3. Click to download the DIY recipe Photoshop template below:

Impressed App DIY recipe book page template for Photoshop

4. Open the Photoshop template and enter your first recipe

5. Save your recipe as a .jpg file

6. Once you have all of your recipes ready, add them along with your desired photos to a Dropbox folder

Get a free Dropbox account here.


7. In Impressed App, select the 8×8 Layflat book

We would recommend using the Layout Selector option here to select layouts that allow for 2 images per spread.

To use:

  • as you start making, you’ll notice a red button titled ‘LAYOUT’ in the middle right hand side of your screen
  • when you tap it, you’ll have multiple options of layouts to use
  • simply select the desired layout and hit ‘USE’


8. Populate your spreads with your photos + recipes.

We went with a photo on the left, recipe on the right.


Download Impressed App for iPhone.

Download Impressed App for Android.


Your Holiday 2016 Wrap Inspiration

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With the start of November just around the corner, this is the time of year we like to start getting our ducks in a row for the upcoming holiday season; gifting lists, holiday cards and most fun of all: gift wrapping style!

Before the holiday madness kicks in, we wanted to share with you a few tips and inspiration to getting your gifts looking pretty even if you’re not the craftiest of types.

First things first, gift tags.

Dress up your gifts with personalized gift tags.  We like printing our own on Impressed App’s 3×3″ mini prints.


1. A photo of a special moment shared with the recipient makes for a great gift topper that they can re-use as a daily memento even once the holiday season has come and gone.



2. Print a stock photo of a scene you know your recipient will enjoy.

TIP #1: our favorite sites for downloading awesome stock photographs for printing are and Unsplash

TIP #2: use the sites’ search tools to find particular scenes or themes such as ‘forest’ or ‘ocean’


[print on far left courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

3. Print free original artwork and graphics directly from Impressed’s ‘Free Artwork’ section.

TIP: find it in your photo sources section, once you start making prints


[palm tree print courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

4. Consider getting 2 different sizes of gift tags and layering them to create unique combinations.


Onwards: wrapping paper

We’re huge fans of purchasing rolls of solid wrapping paper (2 complimentary colors will do!) and letting the accenting and ribbon shine.  This year, we even played around with layering our paper to create a color blocking effect.


Finishing touches

We typically like to choose 3 colors that would go well together as part of our theme and let those colors inspire our accents.  Your accents don’t have to quite read holiday either – think outside of the box and have fun with it!


  • greenery
  • ribbon + string
  • colored sharpies for making patterns + designs directly on your wrapping paper
  • washi tape

TIP: we used ours to make patterns and affix tags to our gifts



Download Impressed app for iPhone.

Download Impressed app for Android.

Take More Photos This Winter: Top 5 Tips on Staying Warm But Stylish When Shooting Outside

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If you live anywhere North of the 37th parallel, you’ve probably noticed that all of your best family photos seem to stop when the frosty weather sets in. The reason is obvious: it’s just too darn cold to stand around taking photos in the winter. It doesn’t mean however that the light and moments are any less spectacular. Some photographers insist that a cloudy snowy day is the ideal light scenario because you don’t have to fight any shadows. To help you round out your photo collection across all 4 seasons, we have compiled our top 5 tips for keeping warm while taking more photos outside this winter:

(1) Gloves for taking photos with your smartphone. If you have to take off your mitten to operate your camera, you’ve already lost. Here are our picks for keeping your digits warm and functional.

Full coverage and bare touch: Scandanavian Texting Mittens

Cute but not for Canada: Touchy Texting Gloves by Etre

Full coverage and conductive touch: Precision Touch Glove by Columbia

(2) While shooting in the snow pick super bright winter accessories to make your photos really pop. Don’t be afraid of a little neon.

Chunky wool Felix Hat by Eugenia Kim

Ribbed Turban Headband by Eugenia Kim

(3) Snowsuits are cute on kids but not so cute on grownups (unless you’re in a ’70s James Bond movie and your name is Anya). You’ve already purchased your warm down anorak but don’t ignore your bottom half. These cold-weather pants are equally fashionable on the slopes and in the city.

Jes Racer Pant by Erin Snow (Yes, that’s really her name.)

(4) Warming yourself from the outside-in is one strategy, now let’s try the inside-out. Bring along a thermos or two on your photo shoot with hot chocolate or berry tea and you’ve just doubled your shoot time. The Japanese really do it best when it comes to the personal thermos. Here is our favourite:

Stainless Mug by Zojirushi

(5) Finally, you don’t want your cold breath fogging up your viewfinder so wear a thin neck scroll or scarf to cover your mouth and to keep the polar wind at bay. If this one is good enough for the Swiss Alpines, it’s good enough for us.

Alpine Scarf by Alprausch

Finally, don’t forget to stuff some tissues in your picket for runny noses! Do you have any cold weather photo taking tips?


Life Well Lived: those perfectly candid family shots

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Say hello to Maartje: mama and primary school teacher, known online as @ourlittlephotodiary.  Her life well-lived consists of beach days with her boys and home projects to cozy up her family’s space (including a new garden canopy for those wine evenings spent with friends).  Read on as Maartje talks to us about how she manages to get those perfectly imperfect candid family shots and interior inspiration. Read More


Minimize your Digital Clutter: 3 Essential Tips for De-cluttering your Phone’s Camera Roll

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Say hello to Danielle Chassin, also known as @hippieindisguise: mama to the sweet Ro and Sen, iPhone photographer, and ambassador for slow, eco, minimal living.

This week, we are so grateful to have her share her tips on how she keeps that digital clutter of hers under control, while still capturing her family’s growing list of adventures. Read More


Life Well-Lived: natural portraits + light play

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Meet this month’s inspiring customer: Sara, aka @saraspectrum.  She describes her life well-lived as balancing work with time outdoors, a little adventure and slow mornings (with tea!), which is easy when your backyard is the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Scrolling through Sara’s Instagram feed is like flipping through a lifestyle magazine and has got us inspired to add more of these elements to our own everyday.  Read on as Sara tells us how she achieves such beautiful natural portraits and her tips for playing with light.  Read More