Wall DIY: Phases of the moon

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Photos and DIY by this month’s feature customer Sara.  Check out her life well-lived interview here.


What you’ll need:

watercolor paints



a pinch of salt


Steps to creating your phases of the moon wall art:

Step 1

Pick your colors.  I like to have 2 shades of my feature color:

  • Full-strength
  • Faded shade, achieved by blending a bunch of white into it

Step 2

Use the faded shade to paint all of your moons identically.  If you’d like them all printed as separate prints, I would recommend painting each one on a different page, so you can easily photograph later.  Otherwise, feel free to paint a few phases on one page and photograph them altogether so you can have a few moons on one print.

Step 3

Let your first paint coat dry halfway.  Slowly add more full-strength color to each moon depending on its phase.  You can also add a little salt after your second coat of paint to add some more moon-like detail!

Here’s a quick guideline;

  • full moon = full color
  • half moon = fill using the full-strength color on the left or right

Step 4

Let your moons dry, and photograph each phase separately, using your iPhone or DSLR.

Step 5

Using Impressed App (iPhone / Android), select your desired prints size.  I went with the 5×5’s, un-bordered, and made sure each moon phase in a grouping was cropped and sized consistently.

Step 6

Style on your walls — you can frame, use washi, or include them in any gallery wall.








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